We are a sustainable clothing brand based in London. Our brand is about making more conscious and connected choices towards sustainable lifestyles, while still being unique and stylish. 


What does HEKEMA mean? 


Well glad you asked…The name HEKEMA is derived from the Swahili word ‘Hekima’ meaning Wisdom. 


To be wise is to make judgments and choices on what is right and advocating for what is moral and true. 


We’ve replaced the ‘I’ in Hekima for an ‘E’ to represent some of our favourite positive words beginning with an E. 


Words Like: Ethics, Earth, Empower, Excite, Enrich, Embellish… we’ll stop here because we could be here all day!


What We Believe In  


‘fashion is a personal choice but it has a global impact’ 


Our motivation is to make the world a better place and help encourage you to think and live more sustainably. We would like you to think about the pieces you buy, whether it will help or hinder the planet, the community or yourself. We believe that fashion is a personal choice with a global impact.


We believe that fashion has the potential for good and that your choices can help build awareness and understanding in sustainability, reduce negative environmental and social impacts in the world.  


We also believe in you, we want you to believe that you have ethical options and by choosing them it makes a difference. No matter how big or small the choice may be.

Our Goals and Dreams  


‘sustainability at heart, the environment in mind and style at its soul’


We are a small business that started out in 2021 where we launched with just two organic t-shirts in the summer. View our latest drop here.


(Our very first drop) .


As we keep learning and growing we want to be a business that keeps sustainability at heart, the environment in mind and style at its soul. 

Our better future involves making the sustainable option more accessible, transformative, and empowering. 


To be able to make sustainable fashion the norm, create sustainably made and stylish clothing while promoting and advocating for an eco-friendly , diverse and multifaceted ethical industry in the process. 


Ultimately, we want to work to become part of the solution, not the problem and help others achieve this also.

Follow us on our journey as we try to make this a reality.

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Have some feedback for us? Email us at feedback@hekema.com. Please note that this email is not monitored for order enquiries and issues.